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Launching HumaReC: the Project

Welcome to the research platform of the DH project HumaReC !

The research question of HumaReC is to investigate, using the edition of a unique trilingual Greek, Latin and Arabic New Testament manuscript as test-case, how Humanities research is reshaped and transformed by the digital rhythmus of data production and publication. By editing the 107 folios of seven Pauline letters of the Marciana Gr. Z. 11 (379) on a digital enhanced platform, the project will test how Humanities research reacts and develops when it is embedded in a continuous publication process.

This research effort has been made possible by our collaboration with the Marciana Library and several other partners, including Brill as publisher and our editorial board composed by David Bouvier (Ancient Greek, Lausanne, CH), Marco Büchler (DH, Göttingen, D), Jennifer Knust (New Testament, Boston, USA), John Kutsko (Publication and management, Atlanta, USA), Laurence Mellerin (Latin, Lyon, FR), Herman Teule (Arabic, Nijmegen, NL). We are also collaborating with the TRANSKRIBUS team to test their Handwritten Text Recognition technology.

The project is lead by Claire Clivaz in the Vital-DH@Vital-IT group in Lausanne (Vital-IT, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics). The collaborators are Sara Schulthess (DH and New Testament), Anastasia Chasapi and Martial Sankar (computing research).

Humarec is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and will run over two years (Oct. 2016 - Sept. 2018).

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