Chapter 7. The object

Marciana Gr. Z. 11 (379) is a trilingual manuscript containing Acts alongside Catholic and Pauline Letters placed in three columns in Greek, Latin and Arabic. This trilingual aspect is particularly noteworthy: as has been previously mentioned, as far as researchers know, it is the only trilingual, New Testament manuscript containing these three languages. Its number in the Gregory-Aland list is 460.1

In the next section (7.1), we will investigate the codicological and paleographical features in order to take stock of the question of dating Marciana Gr. Z. 11 (379). Thereafter, we will consider the multilingual aspects of the manuscript and of other Biblical manuscripts. We will see in what ways the Norman kingdom of Sicily was a fertile ground for such production (7.2).

The three columns in the three languages. Beginning of 1 Thes, folio 246r © Marciana Library

1 See the INTF details about the manuscript in the NTVMR.