This is the HumaReC project’s web book.

HumaReC – Humanities Research and Continuous Publishing is a digital New Testament test-case project set to run over two years and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (project 169869). It is a continuation of a preceding project on the Arabic manuscripts of the Letters of Paul.

The HumaReC project was led by Claire Clivaz head of the Digital Humanities + group in Lausanne (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics). The collaborators are Sara Schulthess (DH and New Testament), Anastasia Chasapi (until May 2018) and Martial Sankar (computing research).

This web book is a work in progress. Chapter 5, section 5.2, provides explanations as to why and how web book came to be. The publishing house, Brill, is collaborating with the team in the web book’s creation.

The web book will be published in progressive stages and completed in a pre-peer review phase on HumaReC. It will be possible to access the previous versions on the project’s GitHub, allowing one to follow the evolution.

This first step is experimental in nature and will reflect the process of building and writing a scholarly text. In this respect, it may contain errors: English language mistakes, typos, broken links, etc. You are most welcome to report any errors to the team. The English will be proofread in the final stage.

When completed, the book will be peer-reviewed in a process led by Brill.

Although Sara Schulthess is the main web book contributor, Anastasia Chasapi and Martial Sankar will collaborate for some chapters that will be indicated as such.